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Wholistic Centre
 for Sexual Wellness


Dr.Gillian Joseph
Clinical Sexologist, Certified Sex and Life Coach, Sex Educator

My commitment is to Empower and Lead you to realize and live your life from your highest potential and motivate you in your ongoing growth and Evolution.
As your  Coach, I do this through simple yet powerful techniques and inquiry that can be easily utilized in your day to day life. This in turn evokes Clarity, Understanding and Insight.

By empowering Men and Women to break through their sexual and intimacy road blocks that have kept them rooted in stagnation and dissatisfaction, it allows them to blossom into their greater sexual selves.
I offer a safe, supportive and personable environment which produces ongoing mutual respect and trust. I am client oriented, keeping in mind your agenda, goals, concerns, beliefs and reinforce your feelings and perceptions, while also promoting your self discipline and holding the space of accountability for what was agreed upon. 
We live only a small part of who we truly are. Through Coaching you will realize the 'Self' you've always known You can be!

                                                 I have a Strict Confidentiality and Privacy policy with All of my Clients.
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