What is Coaching?

Coaching assists an individual to bring about their greater potential by tapping in to tools they already possess, which in turn creates momentum to make positive change.

Coaching also encourages a client to be accountable for their agreed upon actions and goals.
Throughout the process there is ongoing support and guidance for the client as well as championing their new behaviors and actions.

Some of the benefits of coaching are:

  • Moving out of stagnation and beyond the present situation
  • Becoming aware of self imposed barriers and removing them in order to move forward
  • Helping clients to finish what they started by leveraging their gifts and talents a lot faster than they could do alone
  • Help promote self awareness ie: self sabotaging behaviors
  • Planning, Goal setting and Designing action
  • Client accountability and willingness to change
  • Coaching can be used in any area of one's life such as
  • Relationship and Intimacy, Stress Management and Balance, Motivation and Confidence, etc
The most important relationship you will have in your life is the one you have with YOURSELF.
Investing in that relationship doesn't cost, it pays in the long run.

Coaching is complimentary but not the same as Therapy or Counseling. Although there are times when therapy and counseling is necessary, coaching does not emphasize revisiting and healing the past, but emphasizes building one's future-- creating vision and moving forward with a set of intentions and action steps. 

The Coaching model emphasizes that the client possess all of their solutions, and the coach's role is to provide an environment where the client is empowered to realize those solutions.
In the event that a client requires the professional guidance of a therapist or counselor, I refer accordingly.
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