Life Coaching

Coaching Services

I do telephone, Skype and in person coaching with my clients.

Clients who choose to make a commitment to  Coaching can identify what areas of their lives are unfulfilling and how they can be changed in order to experience results they never thought possible.

My focus is to help others produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, business or organizations through professional coaching.

A complimentary first session is scheduled to determine whether there is an effective match between myself and the prospective client. It is important that the client feel safe, supported and trustworthy of our relationship in order for there to be open, honest and sincere communication.
It is also important for me to feel that my coaching method will be of full benefit to the client.

With each session, the client chooses a topic for discussion while I offer questions and observations. This two way interaction creates clarity and assists the client into action, which in turn accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.

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