Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Are you lacking the intimacy you would like in your life and romantic relationship? Would you like to feel more confident in your love making? Has your love life declined over time leaving you and your partner less than sexually satisfied? Would you like to ramp up your Sexual Mastery?
If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that anywhere between 15-25 % of couples are in unfulfilling marriages. Does this sound familiar?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions then Sex and Intimacy coaching may be for you.

                                     What is Sex Coaching?
  • Sex coaching is an amalgamation of Life Coaching and Sex Educating.
  • Involves working through and overcoming various sexual and intimacy challenges and issues in a present-tense, results-oriented approach.

  • Is based on a client-centered, sex positive and empowering model that allows the client to blossom in a safe and non judgmental space.

  • Consists of a healing journey for the client, and the issues addressed are not viewed as a 'dysfunction' or 'pathology', which labels such issues as wrong, bad or shame-based.

  • Is designed for Men, Women and Couples and provides a context for practice and experimentation in relationships or in preparation for relationship. It does not involve hands on practice in sessions, but only as assignments in the privacy of one's safe environment.

               What can Sex Coaching do for You?
  • Sex positive Education
  • Identify roadblocks that can impede the expression of your sexual self
  • Establishing and holding healthy boundaries
  • Explore common sexual concerns and resolutions
  • Explore personal sexual desires and preferences in a non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Overcome the fear of intimacy of both a sexual and emotional nature
  • Various home play assignments that are specific to your situation in order to enhance and further the sex coaching process. This in turn helps establish accountability for growth and success.
  • Can help you  create a deeper connection with self and your partner.
  • Improve your sexual confidence.
  • Assist you in knowing the landscape of your body ( Anatomy & Physiology)
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